University of Helsinki

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International Political Science Association (IPSA)

More information on the congress here: IPSA World Congress 2023.

The Finnish Youth Research Society

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The Finnish Youth Research Society publishes books on young people and youth. We publish dissertations, monographs, collections of articles, and speeches. The books will be published in three series, and the manuscripts will be evaluated according to the publication series evaluation process.

You can read about our previous publications in our publication list. More information here.

Manuscripts or book ideas can be provided to Vappu Helmisaari.

Vappu Helmisaari
tel. 044 416 5312

Also check the open vacancies at the Finnish Youth Research Society.


The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT)

FUURT is Finland’s leading defender of researched information and an advocate of research and science. We are involved in ensuring that the preconditions for doing high-quality science are maintained in Finland.

FUURT has 15 member associations with more than 7,000 members. The membership is assisted and supported by university-specific associations, two national associations, a comprehensive network of expert staff.

The most common titles in our membership are a university lecturer, a junior researcher, a doctoral researcher and a postdoctoral researcher – we also welcome researchers working on a grant. We actively influence the position of fixed-term employees, the situation of younger researchers, the employment of doctors and the funding of universities and science through negotiation and lobbying.

We operate in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English, serving both Finnish and foreign researchers working in Finland. As a member, you get comprehensive benefits from training and career services to insurance coverage and legal advice.
Get to know our activities and become a member on our website at tieteentekijat.fi.

Finnish Section of the Nordic Federation of Public Administration (NAF)

The Nordic Federation of Public Administration, NAF, is an interdisciplinary association founded in 1918 in the Nordic countries. The association gathers together people who are interested in public administration to promote Nordic cooperation and the knowledge of administration in the Nordics. The association’s activities involve people with legal, economic, administrative, and social sciences education – both in academic and practical level. NAF consists of five national departments that operate in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The total number of members of the association is about 2 000. The rotating chairmanship changes every three years.

Pohjoismaiden hallinnollinen liitto (NAF) (nafnet.fi)

Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) is an independent research institute operating in connection with the Finnish Parliament. The Institute produces high-quality research on international relations, the international economy, the European Union and Finnish foreign policy for use by the academic community, decision-makers, and the general public, both nationally and internationally. The Institutes mission is to produce relevant, evidence-based information of a high academic standard on foreign policy, international relations, the international economy, and the EU.