Books from the Finnish Political Science Association (1983-2014)

The Finnish Political Science Association has published a book series in English from 1983 until 2014. Through book exchange programmes and simple sharing of work in conferences by the Finnish scholars it made available Finnish scholarship. The series was established by Ilkka Heiskanen, professor in Political Science in Helsinki. In 2018, the Association decided to renew it under the title Pro et Contra. Books from the Finnish Political Science Association. The following books were published in the English-language book series Books from the Finnish Political Science Association, and digitized in the 2010s with funding from Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing, we seek to republish them online in OA format in the 2020s.

Ilkka Heiskanen and Sakari Hänninen (eds.): Exploring the basis of politics (1983)

Dag Anckar and Erkki Berndtson (eds.): Essays on democratic theory (1984)

Heikki Paloheimo (ed.): Politics in the era of corporatism and planning (1984)

Pertti Ahonen: Public policy evaluation as discourse (1985)

Harto Hakovirta (ed.): Fragmentation and integration (1986)

Jukka Kanerva and Kari Palonen (eds.): Transformation of ideas on a periphery (1987)

Dag Anckar and Erkki Berndtson (eds.): Political science between the past and the future (1987)

Dag Anckar, Hannu Nurmi and Matti Wiberg (eds.): Rationality and legitimacy (1988)

Jan Sundberg and Sten Berglund (eds.): Finnish democracy (1990)

Risto Sänkiaho (ed.): People and their polities (1990)

Sakari Hänninen and Kari Palonen (eds.): Texts, contexts, concepts: studies on politics and power in language (1990)

Marja Keränen (ed.): Finnish undemocracy. Essays on Gender and Politics (1990)

Matti Wiberg (ed.): The public purse and political parties: public financing of political parties in the Nordic countries (1991)

Matti Wiberg (ed.): The Political life of institutions (1991)

Kari Palonen and Tuija Parvikko (eds.): Reading the political (1993)

Matti Wiberg (ed.): Parliamentary control in the Nordic countries (1994)

Sami Borg and Risto Sänkiaho (eds.): The Finnish voter (1995)

Kyösti Pekonen (ed.): The new radical right in Finland (1999)

Teivo Teivainen: Enter economism, exit politics. Transnational politics of economism and limits to democracy in Peru (2000)

Harto Hakovirta (ed.): Globalism at the crossroads: wedges into global theory and policy (2000)

Matti Wiberg (ed.): Reasoned choices: scripta in honorem professoris Hannu Nurmi sexagesimum annum complentis, August 24, 2004 (2004)

Kari Palonen: RE-THINKING POLITICS. Essays from a quarter-century (ed. Kia Lindroos) (2007)

Tuija Parvikko: Arendt, Eichmann and the politics of the past (2008)

Suvi Soininen and Tapani Turkka (eds.): The parliamentary style of politics (2008)

Pertti Ahonen, Sakari Hänninen and Kari Palonen (eds.): Fortunae rota volvitur. Studies on the writings of Ilkka Heiskanen, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Helsinki, on the occasion of his 75th birthday 23 December 2010 (2010)

Tapio Raunio and Hannu Nurmi (eds.): The Serious Game of Politics: Festschrift for Matti Wiberg (2014)

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