About the FPSA

The Finnish Political Science Association (FPSA) was founded 25th of March 1935 to disseminate and deepen information of the polity in Finland. The codes of the FPSA were ratified on 10th of December 1935. Professor Yrjö Ruutu was the founder and President of the FPSA until 1952. The present name – Valtiotieteellinen yhdistys – Statsvetenskapliga föreningen – Finnish Political Science Association, was ratified in the codes of 1953.

The objective of the FPSA is to promote research and interest in political science in Finland. The FPSA also collaborate actively with global political science networks. The main forms of activity of the FPSA are organizing conferences, lectures and discussions as well as scientific publication.

The FPSA has since 1959 published the peer reviewed Politiikka journal (ranked as “leading publication in its field” or level 2 in the Publication forum by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies). Politiikka is published in print quarterly and mailed to the members of the FPSA. The predecessor of Politiikka was the annual yearbook Valtio ja yhteiskunta (1945-1956).

The FPSA also publishes the web journal Politiikasta and the peer-reviewed open access book series Pro et Contra. Books from the Finnish Political Science Association (originally established in 1983), and a Finnish book series.